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The Christmas Foodie

December 25th, 2009

There is no doubt. I am well loved.

I don’t say that to brag, but as because for whatever reason, it’s very true. And I am quite thankful for it.

You see, most people are lucky to belong to one loving family. I belong to at least three. There’s the family I was fortunate enough to be born into, and there are the two families that have adopted me after the loss of my parents. Then just to add to my abundance of good fortune, I’m surrounded by many friends who’d willingly take my call at 3:00am, and I would take theirs.

Christmas is the time we gather with our loved ones, share a few thoughtful presents, and eat a lot of amazing food. All three are excellent reasons to love the holiday season.

After I lost my parents, I was adopted by Paul and Jill Hacker as one of their own. There hasn’t been a holiday in twenty years that I wasn’t warmly invited to share. When I moved to the Bay Area, Tom and Cherie Hammer took me into their home, and their children, Zack and Zoe claimed me as their favorite uncle.

I’ve never felt a loss of my family, because there’s never been a time I’ve been without one.

As the Hacker clan has grown, as each of their children has grown up, gotten married and had children of their own, the homes that share their holidays and holiday feasts have grown in number. You should have seen the feast that Dustin and Kathy Hacker rolled out at Thanksgiving. It was awesome!

This year I’m with the Hammers, who have several delicious Christmas traditions. The night of Christmas Eve, they make a pile of Dungeness crab, home made soup, and lots of delectable bread. Last night, the spicy chorizo and split pea and ham soups were enough to (temporarily) distract me from the pile of savory crab.

And the chocolate and marzipan Yule log? Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

It’s basically 24 hours of food and family joy. Cherie is quite aware that getting up early enough for Christmas morning with Zack and Zoe isn’t my strong suit. She makes it a lot easier by putting out fresh coffee, French toast casserole, and chicken-apple sausages.

Tonight will undoubtedly be another round of Christmas deliciousness. I hear Cherie is once again making her famous Guinness Ginger Cake! Yes, ginger, and Guinness in the same loaf of tasty goodness!

My foodie love was once again reflected in the selection of gifts I’ve received. One was a cookbook written by Tom Colicchio of Top Chef fame. The thing I love about Tom Colicchio is much more about substance over style. His meals may not look like abstract art, but they sure are mouthwatering.

You’ve got to respect a chef who preaches the gospel of fresh, simple ingredients, cooked well.

Another gift I received was a box full of products from the makers of Bacon Salt.

Yes, you heard that correctly. There is a company that makes a product called Bacon Salt. It’s salt that adds both saltiness and bacony goodness to any food you put it on. This box had nine types of Bacon Salt, bacon mayonnaise, bacon sunflower seeds, popcorn and lip balm. Even envelopes that taste like bacon when you lick them!

My friends know what I like. 🙂

Of course, the most thoughtful gift of the season comes from Katherine Arthurs. I opened her pressie to find a license plate frame that says “Noshworthy?”. “Noshworthy” being the coolest term ever coined by my friend Judy.

Katherine also got me a laptop skin with and a polo shirt! Now I can shill for this blog all I’d like!

In my belief that the best and most memorable meals are ones shared with our friends and family, Christmas has provided me with lots of fond memories.

To all the avid readers of the Happy Omnivore, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your readership and support. Your encouragement has helped me immeasurably.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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  1. sirrozmus Says:

    Uhhhh — “,.. I’m surrounded by many friends who’d willingly take my call at 3:00am, and I would take theirs. ” — you forgot to add that you would willing take that 3am call as long as it comes in before 9pm and after 10am.

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