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Julian-Land of Apple Pie

March 17th, 2010

The best thing about motorcycles is swooshing. Anyone who read my Four Corners blog has heard this explanation before, but for those of you who haven’t, here it is.

Swooshing is the fun, enjoyable sensation you get from swerving your motorcycle back and forth on the road. It’s surprisingly relaxing, and actually a lot of fun. Especially if you say “Swoosh! Swoosh!! Swoosh!!!” as you do it!

Now you’re probably asking yourself, “What does swooshing have to do with a blog post titled, ‘Julian – Land of Apple Pie’?”

Julian is a teeny town about sixty miles East of San Diego, which can only be reached by driving on twisty, turny, mountain roads. So when I got my first motorcycle, Julian was the natural destination.

So now to the second part, “Land of Apple Pie”?

You see, the tiny little town of Julian, CA, serves but one purpose. To make the world’s yummiest apple pies. (Okay, I’m sure its serves some other purpose, but to foodies, the pie is the important thing).

Every year, the month of October is dedicated to the Julian Apple Festival, where you can get everything from apple cider to caramel apples, and the population goes from around 1,600 to 30,000 each day. The other eleven months of the year they still make a mean apple pie.

I recently bought a Mini Cooper-S, which is basically the world’s coolest Go Kart. And not surprisingly, it’s also a very a very satisfying swooshing experience.

So ever since I bought the Mini, I’ve been looking for excuses to drive twisty, turny, mountain roads. Travelling to the land of apple pie is a great excuse to hit the road!

Of course, once you get there, they don’t make it easy on you.

Classic apple pie or Dutch Crumb? (Dutch Crumb, of course!). Ala mode, plain, or with cheddar? (Ala mode!) Vanilla ice cream or cinnamon? (Vanilla, as if that’s a serious question!)

And then there’s the biggest question of all. Where do you get your pie?

In a town so legendary for pie, there are many, many options. Mom’s Apple Pie, Julian Pie Company, Apple Alley, Julian CafĂ© and Bakery, all make a pretty mean pie.

Personally, it almost always comes down to Mom’s or Julian Pie Company. And that comes down to whether you want to eat it there, or bring it home. Mom’s always smells of baking pies, its aroma wrapping around your cerebral cortex, until you find yourself at the counter ordering a slice.

Julian Pie Company does a great job of making pies that travel well, going so far as selling “bake at home” pies. If you’re bringing dessert to a friend’s for dinner, you can’t get much better than Julian Pie Company.

Of course, it helps that they are next to Dudley’s the worlds best bread bakery. But I’ll save that for another posting.

Julian CA. Land of Apple Pie. Well worth the drive.

3 Responses to “Julian-Land of Apple Pie”

  1. BC Says:

    There is no doubting that Julian apple pies may be the best around.

    As far as Dudley’s though, I’ll put Schat’s Bakkery up against it any day of the week.

  2. Peter Kevin Reeves Says:

    Brian, I’m afraid you’re woefully mistaken.

    Actually, to be fair, the superiority of Dudley’s or Schat’s depends on which loaf of bread you buy. Schat’s Shepperd’s and Sourdough are amazing, and have no equal. But they don’t hold a candle to Dudley’s Cheddar bread, or their always tasty Irish Potato bread.

    In any case, I would never pass on a loaf of bread from either bakery.

  3. steph Says:

    Ack! When were you in Julian? I was just there on the 14th, 15th, and morning of the 16th (visiting step-sister & hubby).

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