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Who doesn’t like a good cupcake?

March 22nd, 2010

One of my favorite shows on TV is Chuck on NBC. For those of you who haven’t seen it, Chuck is about an average guy who get’s all the knowledge of the CIA and NSA downloaded into his brain. Like Neo in The Matrix, Chuck can “Flash” and use any of the knowledge and skills in the database, which makes it easy for him to impersonate anyone.

What does this have to do with cupcakes? You ask…

A couple of weeks ago Chuck was pretending to be a Mafia assassin. When told of the location of his next hit, Chuck said, “That’s right near that new cupcake place. Hey, who doesn’t like a good cupcake?”

As silly as it sounds, it made me realize that everyone loves a good cupcake.

Few treats are so universally loved as cupcakes. Their cakiness reminds us of all the wonderful birthday cakes we’ve had in our lives. Their size let’s us indulge our sweet tooths without worrying about over indulgence. And they do some creative stuff with cupcakes!

For example, a few years back the world was introduced to Sprinkles Cupcakes. Sprinkles, for those of us who don’t regularly watch Oprah, is a cupcake only bakery in Beverly Hills. They’re now spreading out to a number of other cities.

The thing that differentiated Sprinkles from supermarket cupcakes or those from your local bakery, is the quality and variety of their cupcakes. Unlike the classic chocolate, vanilla and strawberry varieties, Sprinkles also makes milk chocolate, dark chocolate, lemon, coconut, orange, strawberry, banana, chai, pumpkin, carrot, mocha, ginger-lemon, black-and-white (Belgian chocolate and vanilla), as well as their signature cupcake, Red Velvet!

They use Belgian chocolate, Madagascar vanilla, and other fresh and exotic ingredients, to make what are debatably the best cupcakes in the world.

Of course, success always fosters imitation, and soon the world was flooded with new, cupcake only bakeries. Personally I love this trend, although many of these bakeries pale in comparison to Sprinkles.

When the lovely and talented Cianna Stewart created the Bacon and Beer Happy Hour, we were all asked to bring our favorite bacony treat to share with our fellow baco-philes. My solution was one of those cupcake bakeries that rivals Sprinkles, the Cups and Cakes Bakery in San Francisco.

You see, Cups and Cakes makes a “Pancake breakfast” cupcake, that consists of maple bacon cake, maple butter cream frosting, and a piece of bacon.

You might mock me, but it’s delicious! Bacon cupcakes, who knew?

Yesterday we celebrated my friend Michelle Carter’s birthday. What did she want to celebrate? Cupcakes and to watch the latest Twilight movie. You can question her good taste about movies, but once cannot dispute the brilliance of cupcakes for a birthday. Everyone gets the flavor they want.

So next time you’re passing a place that makes cupcakes, just ask yourself:

Who doesn’t like a good cupcake?

3 Responses to “Who doesn’t like a good cupcake?”

  1. foodieMatty Says:

    As a cake lover and mad scientist baker, I have often wondered about adapting great cake flavor & texture inventions into cupcake creations… I visited the Sprinkles in Palo Alto. Neat, clean, spartan. Lots of cute little cupcakes in the glass case. Incredible flavor variety, yes. And at three bucks a pop, makes sense to visit that place when you are *not* very hungry. 🙂
    I’ll have to try your pancake breakfast cupcake from Cups and Cakes in The City. What a sinful breakfast!

  2. BC Says:

    I was watching a rerun of Ultimate Recipe Showdown the other night, and the motif for the show was cake. In the first round, one of the contestants broke ranks and made a key lime cupcake that was about as mouthwatering as they get. However, one of the chef judges blasted the effort as being, loosely quoted, “something my wife and three-year-old could make in the kitchen on a Saturday afternoon”. I don’t quite understand why the cake snobs out there are so anti-cupcake. I’ve had a few cupcakes lately that I’d take over a standard slice of cake any day of the week (a particular blood orange cupcake I had recently was wayyyy over the top).

  3. Tim Says:

    Oh man! Those cupcakes at BBHH were absolutely AMAZING! We still talk about them 🙂

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