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Why I love Comfort Food…

November 19th, 2009

After having fought off Swine Flu and numerous colds and flus, I was reminded of the role comfort food plays in making us feel better.

In my twenties, I was finally old enough to need my own doctor. Fortunately, a friend recommended a sweet old doctor named Dr. Robert Brunst.

Dr. Brunst was a family practitioner who addressed every problem with the question, “Did you try chicken soup?”

“Doctor, I broke my leg.”

“Did you try chicken soup?”

“Doctor, I have a broken leg.”

“If you haven’t tried the soup, how do you know it wouldn’t have helped?”

From that point on, whether it was a cold, flu or injury, I always had a bowl of chicken soup before making my appointment.

“Doctor, I have a cold.”

“Did you try chicken soup?”

“Why yes. Yes I did.”

“And you’re still sick? You’ve obviously done something wrong. Let me check.”

Regardless of whether not it was a cure, there was no denying that the chicken soup made me feel better.

Even without an endorsement from the AMA, there’s no denying the medicinal effects of certain foods. Is there any mood that doesn’t improve with a bowl of ice cream? Does stress have a chance against a warm, chocolate chip cookie? Doesn’t your day get brighter when you taste a creamy Mac and Cheese?

Personally, I’m convinced that a good, chocolate brownie can cure cancer.

So what makes something a comfort food? Personally, I think it has to do with fond memories.

When I was a kid, we drove out to Chicago to visit my Grandma. The day we arrived it was raining, so she bundled us up in a pile of blankets, and we sat out on her covered patio and watched the rain. And while we watched the lightning and counted the seconds from it to the sound of the thunder, my Gram served us Lorna Doones cookies and glasses of Ginger Ale.

Now whenever it rains, nothing makes me happier than a box of Lorna Doones and a glass of Ginger Ale.

For whatever reason that something becomes a comfort food, its good to know that we can always depend on some things to brighten our days, and sweeten our dispositions.

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